Our thought leadership uses a combination of market research, survey data and expert insights gathered from our C-suite network and internal BIE team. We dig into the challenges and trends that impact executive-level talent and leadership, both today and in the future. We hope you find our latest reports insightful and informative.

Integrating and Driving the ESG Agenda

ESG is a multifaceted area, and one which is getting increasing traction across the business sphere. Although ESG initiatives have the potential to yield significant opportunities for companies, there are also risks, particularly in light of increased regulation.

In our new report, ESG experts share their first-hand experiences and advice on how to implement and drive successful ESG strategies in today's market.

Shaping the Workforce of the Future: People, Culture & Talent

From remote and flexible working, to readjusted employee expectations, our collective approach to work has changed post-pandemic. And at the forefront of this fundamental shift is People, Culture and Talent (HR).

Our report investigates how today’s People functions are adapting, what trends are emerging and what the workforce of tomorrow might look like.


Transformation in an ever-changing world. The BIE transformation survey 2022

Transformation is big business right now, and companies are keen to seize the moment and embrace change to improve, expand, stay competitive and future-proof themselves.

Our report digs into the issues to shed light on how transformation is shaping businesses in 2022 and beyond.

Today's CFO - financial steward, business leader, value creator

The role of the CFO has evolved and widened in recent decades. Perceptions of the role, and the role itself, are changing at the top level, with CFOs assuming increasingly complex, strategic roles focused on driving value creation. 

Our report digs into the issues to shed light on how CFOs and finding this transition and what businesses need from a CFO in 2022 and beyond.

Leading the future of Environment, Social & Governance

The growing evidence that sustainable corporate practices link closely to performance is focusing investor and acquirer attention on ESG practices, now is the time to sit up, listen and act.

We spoke to four experts on ESG to better understand the challenges and opportunities ESG brings and how they are approaching the topic within their own organisations.

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