At BIE we have nearly two decades of history behind us. Talented individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds come together to help some of the world’s leading brands to build leadership and enable meaningful change.

We take great pride in transforming working practices, influencing industries, and supporting the wider community. Ask anyone at BIE what we like best about working here and the same answer will keep coming up: the people.

Why Choose Us

Rewards and Career Progression

We offer competitive base salaries and an attractive bonus scheme, along with a variety of incentive schemes. We provide a transparent career path alongside support and training.

Inclusion and Wellbeing

We foster an inclusive and supportive culture where everyone is empowered to be themselves and to reach their full potential.

Flexible working

Our team work flexibly, as we support them with balancing their professional and personal commitments

Giving Back

We encourage our team to give back and volunteer, positively impacting people and our local communities.



We collaborate with colleagues across blended teams to ensure our clients receive the best quality service, consistently.


We are focused and motivated to achieve our goals.


Our brand is built on quality; through the calibre of our candidates and clients.


We believe in the power of long-standing, meaningful relationships.

Meet the Team

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