Luke is a Director within BIE’s Transformation team. He partners with finance executives across a diverse range of businesses to deliver varying programmes of work, from ERP and system implementations, SSC & GBS and process improvement initiatives across the finance function.

Luke joined BIE in 2021 from Stanton House, where he held the role of Principal Consultant – the fastest to reach this title in the company’s history. Throughout his career, Luke has previously worked with the likes of Rolls Royce, Costa and Network Rail, as well as a plethora of FTSE and Private Equity businesses, a network he continues to develop and grow at BIE.

"I would love to be able to write something that hasn't already been said by others - however, Luke appears to have multiple glowing recommendations that all describe him perfectly!

I was first introduced to Luke when he worked at Stanton House and, since then, he has kept in regular contact with me - regardless of whether he has a particular role to discuss. Many recruiters are purely "transactional", but Luke understands the value of building personal relationships. so that he can react quickly when the right role comes along for someone in his network.

He called me at 4pm on a Monday about an urgent role that had just come to him, which the client had struggled to fill with another agency - he knew that I was exactly what the client was looking for. Less than 24 hours later I'd been interviewed and accepted the job offer."

Suzanne Shine

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