Businesses across all sectors are likely to spend much of the next 12 months staring down the barrel of some form of transformational change in the landscape they are operating in.

But how many are ready to address the threats and seize the opportunities that this disruption will throw at them?

In BIE’s recent research of over 140 business leaders, 82% say leading and delivering step changes in how the business is conducted is their highest priority, but only 41% say their organisation currently has the required internal capability to successfully deliver this. 

Recently, BIE's chief executive, Rob Walker, and executive director, Ben Hawkins, were interviewed for The Business Debate, a programme that looks at the key innovations that will shape the world of tomorrow.

In the interview, Rob and Ben explain that it is a challenge for businesses to successfully deliver business transformation and to keep pace in today's ever-changing landscape, without the right combination of skills and resources required at each stage.

A traditional approach to addressing this, often relies on external consultants for strategic review and scoping, and recruiters for delivery and leadership. However, with over 70% of business transformations failing, this approach can be rigid and limiting when it comes to having the right skills in the right place at the right time.

In the interview, Rob and Ben outline the BIE proposition, which is a blended approach using combinations of exceptional interim and permanent executives with extensive consulting or corporate experience, carefully selected for their expertise at different stages of the transformation process.

Watch the full interview:

Challenging the Traditional Approach to Business Transformation

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