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What should you look for in an interim manager?

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 07 May 2019

If you’ve decided that your business could benefit from hiring an interim manager, whether it’s to help with a transformation project, implement a new system, or rescue a failing project, you’ll now be focused on identifying the right person for the task.

You know that interims will be used to dealing with tight deadlines, high-pressure circumstances and adapting into established teams, so you’ll expect to see evidence of this in their CV.

But what exactly should you be looking for in an interim? And how do you know when someone is a good fit for your business?

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A brave new world - interim vs permanent

by Marty Jaynes on 14 Jan 2019

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published in April 2017 but has since been updated with additional information.

Our original post provoked a lot of discussion around whether or not making the move from permanent to interim is good for career progression. At the time, some candidates were experiencing perceptions that going down the interim management route was a career-ending decision; something that was done just before you wanted to retire and would hinder, if not stymie, their chances of having another permanent role.

The post argued that the market is a lot more fluid than it used to be and that there really isn’t any reason why you can’t move between interim and permanent roles. Rather, your next career move should come down to which opportunity is of more interest to you at that point in time. Indeed, many of the comments supported this sentiment. In fact, the general consensus from those who have entered the world of interim management is that it has defined their careers and led them to enjoy considerable career progression.

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2018's most popular topics

by Marty Jaynes on 24 Dec 2018

With just one day to go until Christmas, we find ourselves at the end of another year. We hope you have a great break and are looking forward to an exciting 2019.

Here at BIE, we’ve been taking a look back at the most viewed blog posts from 2018.

In case you missed any, here is a recap of the top five.

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How an interim manager can solve your business challenges

by Marty Jaynes on 17 Dec 2018

Whether you need someone to deliver business transformation, to guide you through a merger or acquisition, or to fill a skills gap on a short-term basis; interim managers bring with them a specific set of skills and experiences to take the lead.

It’s the versatility of interim managers that give them an edge. They fill the gaps in an organisation’s skill set and experience. And on a more practical level, they will be used to dealing with tight deadlines, high-pressure circumstances, and navigating established teams.

Interim managers are well-suited to helping organisations solve a broad range of problems, by offering:

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6 steps to hiring the right interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 03 Dec 2018

While your permanent employees are the backbone of your business, interim managers are an effective solution for the increasing requirement organisations have for filling key skills gaps, especially during periods of transition and transformation.

There are currently around 20,000 interims in the UK, but how do you find the right one for your business?

Here, we outline a step-by-step guide to hiring an interim.

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7 practical matters you need to know when hiring an interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 23 Nov 2018

Whether going through a major business transformation, integrating a new system or going through a merger or acquisition, interim managers can be an indispensable resource for businesses going through change.

Interim managers are commissioned at a senior level on an assignment basis and take full line or project responsibility from day one. Not only is hiring an interim manager a big decision, but often the need for an interim is urgent, so it’s important to be aware of the practicalities.

We highlight seven practical matters organisations need to know when hiring an interim manager.

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7 steps to setting up as an interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 05 Nov 2018

If you have been contemplating the move to a future as an interim manager, you're probably already clear about what a hugely fulfilling role it can be. The focus is always about delivering value, knowledge and ensuring any capability gap has been bridged once you have left the business. For many people, it’s the perfect professional move.

But how do you make the move into interim management? What will your prospective employers be looking for in the best candidate for an interim role? What are the financial and legal considerations of flying solo? And, given the anticipated legislative changes for the self-employed highlighted in the latest UK Budget announcement, what might be the likely implications for interims of the new rules on IR35?

Here at BIE we will be keeping up-to-date on the latest IR35 developments which will allow us to offer you advice once legislation changes. In the meantime, here are our consultants’ thoughts on the top 7 steps that are essential for those searching for interim management positions:

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6 signs your business may need an interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 25 Jun 2018

Interim managers are an indispensable resource for organisations seeking to adapt and change. They have been used successfully by organisations across all industries and all job functions throughout the UK and globally.

Interim managers are commissioned at a senior level on an assignment basis and take the lead on vital projects that may be outside the skill set of the current team. A typical assignment can last between three and twelve months depending on the complexity and nature of the business requirement.

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2017 in review - 5 most viewed BIE blog posts

by Marty Jaynes on 27 Dec 2017

Happy holidays! We hope you are having a great break and are looking forward to an exciting and prosperous 2018.

Here at BIE we’ve been taking a look back at the most viewed blog posts from 2017.

In case you happened to miss any, here is a recap of the top five.

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Executive recruitment: the benefits of a lateral career path

by John O'Connor on 31 Aug 2017

Within the world of interim management, the sideways or lateral career move is often inherent in the nature of the job, as interims transfer skills across a potentially wide range of industries and within typically shorter-term roles.

But what about lateral career movement for those management executives at CEO, CFO or HR director level? Is the most successful and effective route to the top still the traditionally vertical one? Or can a lateral move offer a viable, or perhaps even a preferable, alternative?

In this blog post I explore the key differences between a lateral vs vertical career path and I identify the core professional attributes that will prove invaluable for any senior management professional considering a lateral career move.

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