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Digital transformation: is the hype ahead of the reality?

by James Wilson and Matt Whipp on 06 Jun 2019

We could write endlessly on the fact that many businesses are now digitising, rare is there a business that doesn’t have a digital implementation plan underway.

Yet, while “digital transformation” has become the buzzword of choice, we are still waiting for a universal acknowledgement of what the term is. It’s this ambiguity that potentially leads many to view digital transformation as merely “hype” and for the topic to become divisive. However, the focus on becoming digital – or being seen to be digital – is arguably not what matters.

BIE hosted a breakfast with senior leaders exploring the role of digital, predominantly within the finance function, and what became clear is the world is now shifting, along with consumer expectations, and businesses must respond to the change.

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by Simon Cordrey on 23 Apr 2019

Editors note: This blog post was originally published in June 2016 and has since been updated with additional information.

BIE research found that 80% of organisations are going through a business transformation of some nature, with systems implementations, cost out operations, and standardisation of processes being most common.

Despite the immeasurable benefits it can offer, enacting a fundamental change in the way your business operates can be a long and arduous journey, with no guarantee of success. So how do you ensure yours does succeed?

No business transformation is the same. However, there are four vital steps that every organisation should take.

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3 key ingredients of successful business transformation

by Simon Cordrey on 08 Apr 2019

Editors note: This blog post was originally published in May 2016 and has since been updated with additional information.

Achieving successful business transformation is not easy.  Not all transformations are successful at improving performance and equipping the organisation to sustain improvements over time.

This being true, the risk for senior leaders is high. However, business transformation and continual evolution are unavoidable in today’s global marketplace. Changes in customer expectations, the market environment, and the competitive landscape happen more frequently - and faster than ever.

In research by BIE, an overwhelming 80% of senior executives said their company was going through a business transformation of some nature, driven by a need to reduce costs and become more efficient in this more competitive market.

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Why business transformation fails - and how to avoid it

by Marty Jaynes on 04 Mar 2019

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published in June 2016 but has been updated with additional information.

Constant transformation is the norm for businesses today. 80% of organisations are going through a transformation of some sort, according to BIE’s Business Transformation Survey 2018.

But, not all transformations succeed in improving a company’s performance and sustaining those gains in the long-term. Research over a number of years seems to show that the success rate for these efforts is consistently low, with less than 30% succeeding.

So, if the cards are stacked against you, how do you ensure that your business transformation bears fruit?

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Reflecting on BIE's 2018 research and thoughts for the year ahead

by Marty Jaynes on 07 Jan 2019

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a great holiday season and are excited for 2019.

In our previous post, we reflected on the most viewed BIE blogs of 2018, which covered the popular topics of business transformation, interim management, and innovation.

In this blog post, we wanted to recap the research projects we carried out last year. We tapped into the latest trends in three functional areas, including business transformation, finance, and supply chain. In case you missed them, here’s a rundown of the key findings and themes from each of the reports.

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2018's most popular topics

by Marty Jaynes on 24 Dec 2018

With just one day to go until Christmas, we find ourselves at the end of another year. We hope you have a great break and are looking forward to an exciting 2019.

Here at BIE, we’ve been taking a look back at the most viewed blog posts from 2018.

In case you missed any, here is a recap of the top five.

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Preparing the supply chain for Brexit

by Omera Khan on 13 Aug 2018

There's no doubt that Brexit will disrupt businesses, bringing both uncertainties and opportunities. As strategic supply chain risk expert Professor Omera Khan tells us - organisations need to transform their supply chain now in order to prepare.

With both business transformation and Brexit, there are three important stages in the journey to implement real change: mapping out a vision, identifying the people and capabilities required, and planning and designing the transformation. Each of these phases calls for time and investment to affect the best possible outcome.

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Are CFOs sponsoring more business transformations?

by Ben Hawkins on 06 Aug 2018

Business transformation is everywhere. An overwhelming 80% of senior executives surveyed by BIE said their company was going through a business transformation of some nature.

Traditionally, the CEO is ultimately responsible for the vision, direction and strategy of the business transformation. Each line manager then plays their part in aligning the business unit to the overall transformation.

However, BIE's annual survey also found that for 41% of organisations, the CEO was the sponsor of their business transformation programme, but that the CFO accounted for 21% of sponsors.

So what exactly is the role of the CFO in business transformation?

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Why external talent is so valuable in delivering step change

by Ben Hawkins on 02 Jul 2018

BIE’s Business Transformation Survey 2018 revealed that on average, 25% of an organisation’s transformation team is made up of external talent.

So why is external talent so valuable in delivering step change? And what role does external talent play in business transformation?

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Money doesn't always incentivise employees during transformation

by Ben Hawkins on 12 Jun 2018

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to.”
Richard Branson

Employee engagement
is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful business transformation programme.

But how do you keep employees motivated while going through change? Especially when delivery of the transformation may mean they lose their jobs?

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