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Covid-19: an update from BIE

by Rob Walker on 23 Mar 2020

As we all know, these are unprecedented and extraordinary times, the impact of Covid-19 is being felt in every area of life. The country has never been transformed so greatly and at such speed. It is unsurprising therefore, that as the landscape changes and the economy judders rapidly in reverse, we are seeing a slow-down in the recruitment sector.

We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for our colleagues, suppliers, clients and candidates both personally and professionally and, of course, we’re here to help and support in any way that we can.

As a business, we are now working remotely, and while we may be some distance from “business as usual” operations, we are leveraging digital capabilities, both to communicate with clients and to interview and meet with candidates, as well as supporting with virtual onboarding.

It’s encouraging to see that some clients are continuing with their recruitment plans while also looking at opportunities for when we emerge from the crisis.

As you’d expect, we are being called to parachute interims into organisations, with the expertise and agility to support with preventative measures and crisis management, particularly for cash-flow and contingency planning requirements. We are also seeing businesses re-purposing people to support with customer services or areas under increased pressure.

It is clear we are in uncharted waters and there is inevitably going to be further disruption and uncertainty ahead. What's most important is that we all stay safe, while we seek advice and reassurance from experts and rise to the challenges ahead.

Rob Walker

Written by Rob Walker

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