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Tim J. Roberts

Tim J. Roberts is an independent management consultant specialising in business transformation. Tim builds and delivers major transformation initiatives, focusing on the corporate functions (e.g. finance, procurement and IT), across industries as diverse as Energy and Aviation. He constructs strategic business cases, designs target operating models, builds new organisations and helps develop team capabilities. He has successfully led several multi-year major ERP technology programs and is well versed in building Shared Service Centres and the strategies for Business Process Outsourcing.

Recent Posts

A Pivotal Point for Shared-Services

by Tim J. Roberts on 19 Jun 2017

“A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision”. Are we now approaching a pivotal point for shared-services and offshoring?

We are seeing a growing increase in the use of robotic automation in the office workplace. 

For many countries the impact of globalisation has led to an increased focus on creating jobs at home rather than abroad. 

It would be prudent for us to “hit the pause button” and consider where we go from here.

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