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Niraj Varia

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A new paradigm in software adoption

by Niraj Varia on 01 Apr 2019

New technologies have great potential and promise for transforming and digitising HR. However, many programmes are failing to deliver their return on investment. You can buy and build a bright shiny box, but if it is not being fully utilised, the benefits diminish rapidly, hence why adoption is a hot topic in this space.

There are three common reasons why adoption is a problem. First, when coping with constant disruption, how do you get your organisation to focus on adopting this new piece of technology? Second, the speed and scale of technology change is now much greater than the individual speed of behavioural change. Finally, there is relentless pressure to deliver results, meaning programmes tend to focus on the technology and not on adoption. The net result is failure of programmes to deliver the SaaS promise.

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