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Should you outsource innovation to a third-party consultancy?

by Marty Jaynes on 10 Dec 2018

With technological advancements bringing a rapid pace of change, businesses need to innovate to drive revenue. But with an almost endless amount of choice, it can be difficult for business leaders to decide what to do. Should their focus be on leveraging artificial intelligence to drive cost out? Or should they concentrate on using IoT to increase organisational efficiency?

But as much as establishing what to do can be challenging, often it’s the how that commands more attention.

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6 steps to hiring the right interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 03 Dec 2018

While your permanent employees are the backbone of your business, interim managers are an effective solution for the increasing requirement organisations have for filling key skills gaps, especially during periods of transition and transformation.

There are currently around 20,000 interims in the UK, but how do you find the right one for your business?

Here, we outline a step-by-step guide to hiring an interim.

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7 practical matters you need to know when hiring an interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 23 Nov 2018

Whether going through a major business transformation, integrating a new system or going through a merger or acquisition, interim managers can be an indispensable resource for businesses going through change.

Interim managers are commissioned at a senior level on an assignment basis and take full line or project responsibility from day one. Not only is hiring an interim manager a big decision, but often the need for an interim is urgent, so it’s important to be aware of the practicalities.

We highlight seven practical matters organisations need to know when hiring an interim manager.

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Top senior talent Catherine Osaigbovo joins BIE

by Marty Jaynes on 22 Nov 2018

BIE Executive continues to attract top senior talent from other businesses, and are pleased to welcome Catherine Osaigbovo to the HR team.

Catherine joins as a Director, with over 20 years’ recruitment experience of which the past 12 have been specialising in HR. Her focus will be on senior permanent mandates across all sectors and HR expertise, as well as collaborating closely with BIE’s transformation business. 

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7 steps to setting up as an interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 05 Nov 2018

If you have been contemplating the move to a future as an interim manager, you're probably already clear about what a hugely fulfilling role it can be. The focus is always about delivering value, knowledge and ensuring any capability gap has been bridged once you have left the business. For many people, it’s the perfect professional move.

But how do you make the move into interim management? What will your prospective employers be looking for in the best candidate for an interim role? What are the financial and legal considerations of flying solo? And, given the anticipated legislative changes for the self-employed highlighted in the latest UK Budget announcement, what might be the likely implications for interims of the new rules on IR35?

Here at BIE we will be keeping up-to-date on the latest IR35 developments which will allow us to offer you advice once legislation changes. In the meantime, here are our consultants’ thoughts on the top 7 steps that are essential for those searching for interim management positions:

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Succession planning: the key to future-proofing your business

by Marty Jaynes on 30 Jul 2018

If we asked you the question, ‘does your business have the next generation ready to fill roles at all levels of your company?’, what would your answer be?

While developing internal talent is a key priority for many organisations, BIE research revealed that 66% of CFOs believe their successor will come from external sources. At least in the finance function, it seems that organisations aren’t taking succession planning seriously.

A forward-thinking approach is critical for ensuring your business is well-equipped to thrive against a backdrop of constant change. And this includes creating a development plan for people to move up in your organisation.

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6 signs your business may need an interim manager

by Marty Jaynes on 25 Jun 2018

Interim managers are an indispensable resource for organisations seeking to adapt and change. They have been used successfully by organisations across all industries and all job functions throughout the UK and globally.

Interim managers are commissioned at a senior level on an assignment basis and take the lead on vital projects that may be outside the skill set of the current team. A typical assignment can last between three and twelve months depending on the complexity and nature of the business requirement.

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7 skills needed to keep pace in business transformation

by Marty Jaynes on 23 Apr 2018

The success of business transformation is often underpinned by timing and pace.

Recognising the need for change and knowing when to take action is key. However, often by the time you realise you’re in trouble, you’re probably in deeper than you think. When this happens, you need to make transformation a priority.

And while change is normally slow and organic, transformation often involves getting five years of change done in half the time. So it’s important to build this pace expectation into the transformation process.

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The 4 qualities of transformational leaders

by Marty Jaynes on 16 Apr 2018

Having a leader who is prepared to take responsibility for implementing transformation is one thing, but never underestimate the importance of a leader who knows what qualities are required to lead one, and which ones he or she has.

Most of the technical aspects of a transformation, such as governance and stakeholder engagement, can be to some extent learned. But the genuine leadership qualities that make up a transformational leadership style – the type that can empower, motivate and win hearts and minds, are paramount for any business going through a significant change or transition period.

So what are the key qualities of a transformational leader? And why are they so important when driving business transformation?

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Can you get a job in a different industry? Q&A with BIE consultants

by Marty Jaynes on 16 Feb 2018

The decision to change jobs and move to a different industry can be daunting. How do you sell yourself into a new industry? And how open are organisations to hiring candidates from outside of their industry?

In this blog, I talk with some of our consultants recruiting in the finance, HR, supply chain and transformation sectors to discuss this topic.

It was clear that certain themes resonated with everyone, regardless of the sector they recruit for.

The idea of transferable skills was bounced around a lot. To move into a different industry you need to be able to demonstrate you have the appropriate skill set to apply to the environment you’re looking to move into.

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