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Janet Musgrave

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Can executive search tackle unconscious bias?

by Janet Musgrave on 18 Feb 2019

A highly engaged top team with a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives makes a company more dynamic, creative, and innovative. But if you only ever look for the same type of candidate, how are you ever going to get anyone different to what you have already got? It's not just about relevant industry experience either, it's about everything from gender and race to religion and even leadership style.

The trouble is, even if an organisation isn't intentionally looking for executive talent who fit the same profile as their predecessors, unconscious biases can have a critical - and sometimes problematic - effect on judgement.

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Are you ready to hire a disruptor?

by Janet Musgrave on 21 Nov 2018

Increasingly, organisations want to bring in new thinkers with new ideas into their business. They want people who can disrupt and innovate, and in doing so, drive the business forward both strategically and operationally.

In order for businesses to break the cultural and technical mould and get out of their comfort zone, executive search shouldn’t be just about ‘appointing’. It should be a smart and targeted focus to find people who will help your business to think differently, who will offer a fresh perspective, and who can strengthen your organisation. But is your organisation truly ready for a disruptor and challenger of the status quo?

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Boosting your bottom line through embracing gender diversity

by Janet Musgrave on 14 May 2018

Research tells us that embracing gender diversity at the senior level delivers business benefits. But what’s behind the noise? Do we really know what works, and does it really matter?

This was the topic of discussion at a round-table event held at BIE offices last month. The event was co-hosted by BIE and The Pipeline’s Margaret McDonagh, who shared insights based on her experience of working with senior women to develop their careers and with organisations to create the environment to make this happen.

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Talent strategies for managing a multi-generational workforce

by Janet Musgrave on 08 May 2018

We are facing a period of significant change regarding demographics at work, with five generations in the workplace becoming a reality for many organisations across the globe.

There are the Silent Generation, now in their 70s and 80s; the Baby Boomers, spanning from their mid-50s up to 70; and Generation X, currently in their mid-30s to mid-50s. Then there are the Gen Y ‘Millennials’, aged between 21 and 33 - a tech-savvy, highly connected and high-achieving cohort with very different workplace behaviours and expectations to the generations before them. And now Gen Z - the under 20’s - are making their way into organisations. This latest group to enter the workplace are not just digital natives, but mobile natives, and bring with them yet another fresh perspective.

The breadth of generations in the workplace has huge implications for employers in terms of managing their differing needs, expectations and ways of thinking.

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