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Fran Cardells

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Developing your career identity in the modern world

by Fran Cardells on 25 Mar 2019

Our relationship with work has significantly changed over the past century. What started as a series of gigs to provide for the family, became related work experiences with meaning and consistency. With the rise of the corporate ladder in the 1970s and 1980s, we started to think about ‘careers’ and people became focused on climbing to the top of their chosen area of expertise.

Today, the climate is again very different. We have created new professions based around the same skill sets that already exist, and the lines between business and finance, HR and IT, for example, are more blurred. As a consequence, fewer of us are treading the linear career path. People are more open to moving around, and not just between organisations or even sectors, but between different kinds of roles too.

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