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Emma-Claire Kavanagh

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What should you look for in an interim manager?

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 07 May 2019

If you’ve decided that your business could benefit from hiring an interim manager, whether it’s to help with a transformation project, implement a new system, or rescue a failing project, you’ll now be focused on identifying the right person for the task.

You know that interims will be used to dealing with tight deadlines, high-pressure circumstances and adapting into established teams, so you’ll expect to see evidence of this in their CV.

But what exactly should you be looking for in an interim? And how do you know when someone is a good fit for your business?

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How to land bigger and better opportunities as an interim

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 18 Jun 2018

This topic comes from two of our newsletter subscribers, who asked us to write an article on "career management for seasoned Interims. How to grow and take on bigger new roles not done before" and  "how interims should be proactive to fill their sales funnels".

Interim managers typically combine depth and breadth of expertise in their chosen sectors and discipline. But what happens when you want to work in a new sector, in a different location, or on a different type of project? Or when you just want something new?

Are these opportunities available?

In the end, the most successful career interims at the senior end are good because they have broad experience that makes them more marketable. So how do you ensure the doors to these opportunities are open?

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How can people science drive credible business decisions?

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 06 Apr 2018

We’re probably in the biggest work change context we’ve ever been in. Technology advances, globalisation, the political climate, and changes in the social demographics of the workplace are all factors currently impacting on organisations in every sector.

In this environment, people science is emerging as a new focus. But it goes beyond HR. Organisations are starting to apply data science to help make decisions across their entire business.

In a recent roundtable breakfast meeting co-hosted by BIE and Sage People, we discussed this subject in depth. In this blog post, we put forward some of the most interesting insights from the discussion.

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Insights from an HR transformation journey

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 21 Jul 2017

BIE’s HR Team were privileged to recently be joined by a room full of senior HR leaders to listen to the HR Director and HR Transformation Programme Director of a large UK multimedia company as they delivered an insightful and enlightening presentation on the journey they had been on throughout their company's two year HR transformation.

Below is a top-line summary of what was presented.

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Organisational Change Starts with Self – Are You Up for That?

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 12 Jul 2017

We’ve all heard that change is the new norm, but are we now skilled at enabling it? Large-scale transformational change requires catalytic leadership skills and vision. This can be hard to do when juggling the day job with its typically short term, urgent timeframes.

Rose Padfield from The Padfield Partnership is an Organisational Design Consultant, Coach and Coach Supervisor with 20 years’ experience in organisation, team and individual development within a UK, European and global context.

Outlined below is a case study on how Rose helped a major UK organisation address a large transformation project. We hope it gives you some insights and food for thought. In subsequent articles, she will delve into some of the key principles involved in leading organisational change.

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