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Celine Clark

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How to survive a mid-life career crisis

by Celine Clark on 15 Apr 2019

If someone in their mid-late 40s or 50s buys a sports car, takes up a new and unexpected hobby, or becomes suddenly more impulsive in their decision making, we assume they must be having a mid-life crisis.

As people transition from younger to older adults, they tend to evaluate where they are in their lives, what they’ve achieved, and how this matches up against the hopes they had wished for in the past. And sometimes, this can result in a loss of self-confidence or feelings of anxiety or disappointment - hence the sudden need for change.

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by Celine Clark on 21 Aug 2015

Celine Clark, recently appointed from Frazer Jones to a key role in BIE’s Executive HR practice, has noticed recent movements in the HR transformation market. The increased importance now being placed on the recruitment of high quality mid-level business partners is, she believes, the result of a shift in focus from strategy to culture. Here she gives her take on the rise of the HR transformation ‘back seat driver’.

There’s an old adage in the corporate world that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

Despite this, however, in the transformation space it feels like the wider strategic aims of the organisation have nearly always taken centre stage over the engagement of frontline staff on the ground.

That is, until the last few years. Since the post-recession economic surge began, there’s been a marked upturn in demand for mid-level HR and business partner expertise – the people chiefly responsible for delivering the cultural ‘sell’ behind organisational change.

It’s a shift borne out by the most recent international ‘human capital’ study by consultants Delloitte, which, for the first time ever, ranked culture and engagement above leadership as the number one people issue for global businesses.

We’re certainly seeing evidence of this on the ground, with our clients becoming increasingly active in the communications and engagement space.

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