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Ben Hawkins

Ben has over ten years of recruitment experience across Business Transformation programmes. He is a specialist interim management provider with a passion for change management and has worked with many companies from FTSE 100 to SMEs.

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Are CFOs sponsoring more business transformations?

by Ben Hawkins on 06 Aug 2018

Business transformation is everywhere. An overwhelming 80% of senior executives surveyed by BIE said their company was going through a business transformation of some nature.

Traditionally, the CEO is ultimately responsible for the vision, direction and strategy of the business transformation. Each line manager then plays their part in aligning the business unit to the overall transformation.

However, BIE's annual survey also found that for 41% of organisations, the CEO was the sponsor of their business transformation programme, but that the CFO accounted for 21% of sponsors.

So what exactly is the role of the CFO in business transformation?

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How can we stop employees becoming disengaged with constant change?

by Ben Hawkins on 23 Jul 2018

Engagement is often the overlooked pillar of successful business transformation. But why does it matter? The clear answer is that people are the ones that make change happen, and if they’re not engaged, the change programme simply won’t deliver.

The trouble is, change is a constant in today’s business environment. Unless people understand the need for organisations to consistently look for ways to improve, they can become tired of always having to flex and adapt.

BIE’s annual transformation survey revealed that this is already a challenge for many organisations. 47% of senior executives who responded to the survey said that their company’s employees were becoming disengaged with change.

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Why external talent is so valuable in delivering step change

by Ben Hawkins on 02 Jul 2018

BIE’s Business Transformation Survey 2018 revealed that on average, 25% of an organisation’s transformation team is made up of external talent.

So why is external talent so valuable in delivering step change? And what role does external talent play in business transformation?

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Money doesn't always incentivise employees during transformation

by Ben Hawkins on 12 Jun 2018

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to.”
Richard Branson

Employee engagement
is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful business transformation programme.

But how do you keep employees motivated while going through change? Especially when delivery of the transformation may mean they lose their jobs?

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The nature of transformation

by Ben Hawkins on 29 May 2018

In our recent business transformation survey, an overwhelming 80% of senior executives said that their organisation is currently undergoing a business transformation of some nature.

The vast majority of these transformation programmes were being driven by a need to become more efficient (58%) or to reduce costs (43%).

But what is the nature of these transformations?

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Transformation buying has matured

by Ben Hawkins on 21 May 2018

20 years ago, people didn’t understand what transformation was, and an organisation certainly wouldn’t have had a permanent transformation director in their company.

Now, people understand the requirement for a centralised transformation area, and it’s almost unheard of for a company not to have a transformation director.

This means that transformation maturity inside organisations has grown. People now have a better understanding of how to deliver transformation projects.

As a result, organisations are looking to build more internal talent to deliver business transformation. Our recent survey on transformation showed that 62% of companies wanted to build more internal transformation capability.

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by Ben Hawkins on 06 Jun 2014

As part of the BIE Executive commitment to be at the forefront of business transformation thought leadership, we asked a leading FTSE100 change management director to reflect on three years of involvement in a complex, global shared services programme.

Talking with my peers, I hear among the war stories some very different experiences of working with interim managers. These range from the sublime to the disastrous.

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