BIE’s team of experienced executive search and interim consultants help senior leaders secure roles that provide the desired blend of challenge, opportunity, cultural fit and salary remuneration. It’s our high touch, personal and genuine approach that makes us unique. We focus on building long-term relationships with talented people and stay connected throughout their careers.


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Care and Respect

We endeavour to treat all our candidates with care and respect, maintaining high levels of communication throughout the recruitment process.

Communication and Feedback

We brief all candidates in detail before each interview and provide honest feedback after every stage.

Personal Approach

Our candidates value our tailored and personal approach. We take time to understand their career aspirations and what motivates them, to get the best possible results.

Great comms and very responsive all-round service throughout. Great to deal with someone who understood the business, the role, the people and made no effort to sugar-coat anything.

Chris Jordan
Finance Director

What really made BIE stand out from the crowd from a candidate experience has been the relationship that Claire Paramo (Executive Director at BIE) developed with me over a period of two years. Taking me through every stage of the selection with honesty and what to expect was exceptional and the post follow-up really made a difference to landing the job.

Jenny Williamson
HR Director Group & Specialist Services

BIE kept me informed every step of the way and managed the process very professionally. I have a high level of trust in the team.

Janet Huckvale
Interim HRIS Consultant

The team have been fantastic support in terms of their relationship building, honesty and also actively supporting my search. I appreciate the market is very competitive and it will always be the case, however their knowledge, insights and importantly kindness was really appreciated.

Samantha Tegala
Senior Human Resources Business Partner

Our Approach

We assess prospective candidates to gather a detailed picture of their relevant business and industry experience, functional expertise and capabilities, leadership skills and personal characteristics, and their career goals and ambitions. 

When we think a vacancy is a great fit for a candidate’s experience, skill set and aspirations, we will get in touch to see if it is of interest. When discussing a position, we brief candidates thoroughly on the role and organisation, the clients’ expectations and the interview process so they feel fully prepared at every stage of the process.

If we feel a candidate isn’t the correct fit for any current roles or if they are unsuccessful at any stage of the process, we contact them personally to let them know and provide any relevant feedback.

How to get noticed on LinkedIn: A candidate's guide

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To give you a competitive edge, we’ve put together a guide on how to enhance your public profile on LinkedIn, showcase your professional brand and develop a network.

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The role of HR director (“HRD”) is at the top of the HR tree in an organisation. It’s a multifaceted role that encompasses all the functional activities of the department and typically involves taking a seat at the table with top leadership.

We’ve put together a guide on how to become an HRD, including insider insights from Teri Ellison, Chief HR Officer at SHL for those looking to take this next step in their career.


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