With a unique combination of interim management, executive search, and transformation expertise, we are structured to enable clients to build the leadership required to cope with transformational change.

From the proven network relationships to strategic foresight and counsel, our Board Practice provides a full range of solutions to help you find the best leaders for now and the next generation.

Roles we recruit:

Chief Executive Officer 
Managing Director & Divisional CEO
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer 
Chief Commercial Officer 
Chief Revenue Officer 
Chief People Officer
Chief Information/Technology Officer
Chief Product Officer 
Chief of Staff
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Chief Transformation Officer

Global Networks

We have built a first-class global network of international and multi-sector experts, who can advise and steer clients through the next stage of their journey. We have worked with more than 800 clients and placed more than a thousand candidates into leadership positions, all of whom recognise the importance of building the right leadership to drive effective change and success through organisations.


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