In Summary

One of the world’s leading customer data specialists was looking to roll-out an Oracle based platform across 6 countries at speed, during a period of business growth and change. The company was in a potential state of crisis. A challenging first stage of the large-scale Oracle implementation had resulted in disruption and instability. Before connecting with BIE, senior management had been forced to pause the programme.

The Situation

To find a subject matter expert, the business reached out to BIE. They were therefore looking for a recruitment partner that could provide much needed guidance and key expertise. The remit was to find an experienced and exceptional interim with the skill set needed to stabilise the business and help them to realise their ambitions.

Transformation Director, Stephen Williams was selected to lead the programme and brought with him a track record of achievement, with deep expertise on over 65 transformation, infrastructure and ERP/HCM/BI programmes around the world.

The Solution

First, Stephen needed to address and resolve the issues the business had identified with its existing live Oracle Cloud solution from the previous programme prior to further roll-out. Once this had been achieved, the focus was on delivering the Oracle Cloud solution across an ever-expanding business footprint of countries underpinned by a global template.

The target was to attain a standardisation model of 80%, with 20% variation, allowing for statutory implications particular to a region or country, across 26 countries with a view for further expansion to 35.

The Challenges

Given the challenging start to the project, it was important that the stakeholders being taken through the change management programme were reassured and aligned, and actively supported the roll-out.

There was a technical gap within the process that hadn’t been recognised historically. There were also the complexities of working across a range of regions, cultures and labour regulations, and reaching an agreement on a standard way of working. It was imperative to ensure business as usual activity continued while employees were taken out of the business to assist with programme delivery.

The Outcome

The 80% standardisation model was achieved. The Oracle Cloud Applications platform was fully deployed in all target 26 countries in just 18 months, across the core functions of sales, finance and HR.

It was the biggest Cloud footprint by module and number of countries that Oracle had ever done in its history, so it was a big first for Oracle, Stephen – and for BIE.

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