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Next Steps

Now that you have accepted your new assignment through BIE, please send us the following information in order for us to draw up your contract:

  1. Company registration certificate
  2. Limited company bank details (please note we will call to reconfirm these verbally)
  3. VAT certificate (if registered)
  4. Professional indemnity certificate (minimum cover £1 million)
  5. Certificates for Employers Liability insurance and Public Liability insurance
  6. Certified copy of passport (cover and picture page)
  7. Proof of current address (dated within the last 3 months)
  8. National Insurance Number
  9. Two references from last 2 most recent employments (or provide contact details for us to follow-up)
  10. Copy of certificates for any qualifications you hold that are relevant to your role.

Once we have received all of your details, we will draw up your contract for signing. If you have any questions regarding the contract, please contact your Business Support Manager (see below for contact details).

When we have received a signed contract from yourself and the client, our finance team will be in touch to confirm your bank details over the telephone and will send log-in details to ETZ, our timesheet portal.  


About BIE

BIE is an executive recruitment firm that has been building leadership and enabling change for over two decades. Through a combination of interim management, permanent resourcing, and transformation expertise, across five broad market functions, we empower our clients to adapt, plan and deliver change.

This ensures that whatever evolutionary opportunity you face, we can deliver the top quality executive resources to get you to the next level of your business growth.


FAQ and useful information

Limited company setup assistance

We recommend you seek professional advice if you do not have a limited company setup.

If you need any further assistance, please contact your Business Support Manager.

Professional indemnity insurance

We recommend that you have a minimum cover of £1 million of professional indemnity insurance.

We also recommend you seek professional advice.

Opt out

You will receive an Opt Out Notice with your BIE contract.

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 as amended ("the Conduct Regulations") govern the conduct of the private recruitment industry and establish a framework of minimum standards that candidates and clients are entitled to expect.

Interims can opt out of the application of the Conduct Regulations (except if the assignment involves working with children, the old or the infirm).  Interims cannot opt out in respect of existing “positions” in which they are working (this is the wording in the Conduct Regulations).

Under Regulation 32(9) of the Conduct Regulations, if an interim company and its consultant both agree that the Conduct Regulations should not apply and give notice of that agreement to BIE, this notice is commonly known as an "opt-out notice". 

It is the interim company's and consultant's choice whether or not to opt-out and the interim company and consultant should seek their own advice on whether or not to opt-out.

I haven't received the login details to ETZ

You will receive your login details once we have received all of your documentation and signed contract. To check what is still outstanding please contact your Business Support Manager.

Getting paid

We operate a self-billing invoice system whereby we will draw up an invoice based on submission of your electronic timesheet. Payment runs are made monthly on the 15th (or next working day and are subject to 3 days clearing).

Please see the table below for the payment schedule (subject to change a day or two):

  Met Deadline Late Deadline
 Timesheet Approved Timesheet Deadline (MIDDAY) 1st Schedule Payment Cleared Funds 2nd Schedule Payment Cleared Funds
Jan-22 03-Feb-22 17-Feb-22 28-Feb-22
Feb-22 03-Mar-22 17-Mar-22 28-Mar-22
Mar-22 05-Apr-22 19-Apr-22 27-Apr-22
Apri-22 05-May-22 17-May-22 27-May-22
May-22 07-Jun-22 17-Jun-22 27-Jun-22
Jun-22 05-Jul-22 18-Jul-22 27-Jul-22
Jul-22 03-Aug-22 17-Aug-22 30-Aug-22
Aug-22 05-Sep-22 19-Sep-22 27-Sep-22
Sep-22 05-Oct-22 17-Oct-22 27-Oct-22
Oct-22 03-Nov-22 17-Nov-22 28-Nov-22
Nov-22 05-Dec-22 16-Dec-22 21-Dec-22
Dec-22 05-Jan-22 17-Jan-23 27-Jan-23

*Late Time sheets to be approved by 15th Dec to be included in run on the 22nd. Any approved after this date will be paid on the 18th Jan 2022.

How do I submit my timesheets?

Once you have accepted an assignment through BIE you will receive your contract pack which you need to complete and return to us as soon as possible. As soon as we receive this we will set you up on ETZ, our online timesheet portal and you will be emailed your login details.

How do I claim expenses?

The way expenses claims should be submitted differs depending on whether you are working via a VAT registered or non-VAT registered company. If your expenses claim is ready for submission, please enter the correct value on your ETZ timesheet for approval by your line manager (ensure the figure you enter is the total NET as the system will apply VAT).

Please ensure relevant copy VAT receipts are forwarded to to ensure your expenses are paid on time.

You will receive more in-depth instructions with your ETZ log-ins.

When do I have to send you my invoices?

BIE employs a self-billing system, so you don't need to send us an invoice. Once your timesheets have been authorised, an invoice is automatically created and emailed to you once payment has been made. You will be able to access all of your invoices through the ETZ portal.

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