Jeremy Rickman


Headshot of Jeremy Rickman, a NED at BIE, wearing a brown suit jacket with a white shirt and black sweater in front of a white wall and green plants.
Jeremy has worked extensively within the global recruitment industry, during which time he built his reputation as one of the pre-eminent global CFO head-hunters as a Senior Partner within one of the world’s largest executive search firms.

Jeremy trained at Price Waterhouse where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, before holding various CFO roles in public and private companies including Mars Inc.

In 1998, he joined Russell Reynolds Associates as European CFO before establishing the European CFO Practice. Over the next 18 years he ran the Chicago office, the global Corporate Officers Practice, chaired the Training & Development Committee, and was a member of the Executive and Nominations Committees of the firm.

In 2016, he established his own firm providing consulting services to the global recruitment and CFO markets.

Jeremy and Adam

"Jeremy has gained incredible breadth and depth of expertise across leadership development, building successful businesses and of course, the CFO agenda where he uniquely combines his experience as a CFO with his expertise leading a CFO executive search business to great effect. He is very personable, truly motivated to help others succeed and has an infectious enthusiasm - all traits that make him a fantastic mentor and coach. He has been a great support on the Board of Bronzegate as we have grown the business and always has valuable insight and advice in terms of strategic planning. I would highly recommend Jeremy to businesses and individuals alike who may be looking for external consultative advice as he brings a combination of humility, passion and knowledge to his projects."
Adam Akbar, Managing Partner

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