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innovation Healthcheck

A recent poll conducted by Criticaleye found that 75% of CEOs felt THAT their existing business models are being disrupted in ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

innovative_ways_of_working-LP.pngIn today's highly competitive commercial landscape, most businesses need to look for new ways to drive revenue. This is why CEOs must understand the art and science of innovation. This can be tough, especially in global businesses, where all too often the life is squeezed out of dynamic new ideas due to procrastination and "going-through-the-motions" collaboration.

Technology almost always underpins a transformation programme, and yet the biggest challenge will be winning the hearts and minds of employees, and embedding new ways of working utilising the new technology.

With such a pace of change and an almost endless range of choices, it can be very difficult for business leaders to know where to start, and establish the priorities to invest in when it comes to creating an innovative culture.

As ultimately, everyone in the business should be considering how they can improve on the current portfolio or customer experience.

With a view to helping inform better decision making and ultimately better return on investment, we have developed a quick 15 question self-assessment to establish how innovative your organisation currently is, and how well equipped it is to respond to threats and opportunities across your sector.

Access our self-assessment to find out how your business is performing!


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