With a unique combination of interim management, executive search, and transformation expertise, we are structured to enable clients to build the leadership required to cope with transformational change. From the proven network relationships, to strategic foresight and counsel, we provide a full range of solutions to help you find the best leaders for now and the next generation.

Roles we recruit:

Managing Director – Chief Executive Officer – Chief Financial Officer – Chief Operating Officer – Chief Risk Officer – Chief Procurement Officer – Transformation Director – HR Director – Chief Information Officer – Chief Technology Officer


What our clients say

"Professional approach and good attention to detail."

Ronald Series, Chairman
DX Group


"BIE really understood the time pressure we were under and successfully delivered the right solution for our situation and needs."

Carl Harring, Managing Director,
UK, Benelux & Nordics, H.I.G. Capital

I really can’t remember the last time I rated anything top marks! BIE has been superb from identifying a match to navigating and concluding the process. I'm struggling to put anything down to improve, which is annoying.

Nikki Flanders, Chief Operating Officer
Opus Energy

"Successive "generations" of BIE staff have provided consistently high service and a reliable source of candidates to me as a client… and I have been a successful candidate myself too!"

Jamie Gunn, Chief Operating Officer

Delivering Results

The rapid pace of change confronting organisations means leaders are under increasing pressure to adapt to changing strategies, priorities, and ways of working to maintain commercial success. With increased scrutiny of leadership at the highest levels, there is a heightened need for boards to select strong and diverse directors with the competencies to provide oversight and advise on the strategic challenges ahead. Everyone needs be prepared to re-wire themselves for the new world order.

BIE exists to partner with clients on their toughest challenges. We invest time to understand our clients’ strategic goals, their culture, and the commercial landscape to ensure we find the right executives to lead the organisation to success.

Unrivalled Networks

We have built a first-class global network of international and multi-sector experts, who can advise and steer clients through the next stage of their journey. We have worked with more than 800 clients and placed more than a thousand candidates into leadership positions, all of whom recognise the importance of building the right leadership to drive effective change and success through organisations.


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