"We know investing in inclusion helps us to perform better as a business and connects us closer to our clients. We recognise that there is more work for us to do, but we are committed to  questioning, listening – and continuing to take action and drive change.”

Rob Walker, CEO BIE

Supporting Organisations

We are committed to supporting organisations to build diverse leadership and to foster the inclusive cultures that will enable their people to succeed. Through both our work in the market and our conversations with leaders, we know that inclusive and diverse leadership is critical to sustainable business success. Organisations that invest in diversity, and lead with an inclusive culture, attract and retain the best talent, have improved financial performance, and strengthen their resilience to disruption.

Our role is to support organisations to think differently about talent as we attract extraordinary leaders.

Internal Change and Education

We look to embrace differences as we hire into our own team. While we still have work to do, we are proud of the steps we have taken. More than 80% of our team work flexibly, as we support them with balancing their professional and personal commitments; for example, with caring responsibilities and further study. Over 50% of our team are women, 3% are BAME and 10% identify as LGBT+.

We ensure our team regularly participates in training to challenge our understanding and application of bias to help us continually improve our selection processes and awareness and support our clients.

Networks and Relationships

BIE has an extensive network of cross-sector D&I leaders who collectively form the BIE “Authenticity” group. Members of the group meet regularly to share industry knowledge and insights with each other and our wider client base, enabling all involved to improve business processes and better integrate inclusion initiatives.

Running Executive Searches in Partnership

We feature diversity through every aspect of the recruitment process. We are mindful that there are many potential routes for bias to infiltrate and adversely impact client and candidate outcomes. At each stage we take care to ensure we address these in partnership with our clients, while also supporting their diversity goals.

News and Insights

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