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How to survive a mid-life career crisis

by Celine Clark on 15 Apr 2019

If someone in their mid-late 40s or 50s buys a sports car, takes up a new and unexpected hobby, or becomes suddenly more impulsive in their decision making, we assume they must be having a mid-life crisis.

As people transition from younger to older adults, they tend to evaluate where they are in their lives, what they’ve achieved, and how this matches up against the hopes they had wished for in the past. And sometimes, this can result in a loss of self-confidence or feelings of anxiety or disappointment - hence the sudden need for change.

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3 key ingredients of successful business transformation

by Simon Cordrey on 08 Apr 2019

Editors note: This blog post was originally published in May 2016 and has since been updated with additional information.

Achieving successful business transformation is not easy.  Not all transformations are successful at improving performance and equipping the organisation to sustain improvements over time.

This being true, the risk for senior leaders is high. However, business transformation and continual evolution are unavoidable in today’s global marketplace. Changes in customer expectations, the market environment, and the competitive landscape happen more frequently - and faster than ever.

In research by BIE, an overwhelming 80% of senior executives said their company was going through a business transformation of some nature, driven by a need to reduce costs and become more efficient in this more competitive market.

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A new paradigm in software adoption

by Niraj Varia on 01 Apr 2019

New technologies have great potential and promise for transforming and digitising HR. However, many programmes are failing to deliver their return on investment. You can buy and build a bright shiny box, but if it is not being fully utilised, the benefits diminish rapidly, hence why adoption is a hot topic in this space.

There are three common reasons why adoption is a problem. First, when coping with constant disruption, how do you get your organisation to focus on adopting this new piece of technology? Second, the speed and scale of technology change is now much greater than the individual speed of behavioural change. Finally, there is relentless pressure to deliver results, meaning programmes tend to focus on the technology and not on adoption. The net result is failure of programmes to deliver the SaaS promise.

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Developing your career identity in the modern world

by Fran Cardells on 25 Mar 2019

Our relationship with work has significantly changed over the past century. What started as a series of gigs to provide for the family, became related work experiences with meaning and consistency. With the rise of the corporate ladder in the 1970s and 1980s, we started to think about ‘careers’ and people became focused on climbing to the top of their chosen area of expertise.

Today, the climate is again very different. We have created new professions based around the same skill sets that already exist, and the lines between business and finance, HR and IT, for example, are more blurred. As a consequence, fewer of us are treading the linear career path. People are more open to moving around, and not just between organisations or even sectors, but between different kinds of roles too.

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What’s on the CFO’s mind: Dealing with the uncertainty around Brexit

by Eoin Canty on 18 Mar 2019

We held a breakfast discussion focusing on how businesses are dealing with the uncertainty caused by Brexit. The feeling around the room was that UK businesses are tired of working through uncertainty.

The political agenda is a continuation of the Brexit campaign, focused on borders not businesses, which is impacting on contingency planning and decision-making. But the room agreed there was a real opportunity to create a positive tone and grow ‘Brand Britain’, through promoting the assets the UK has to offer.

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BIE's Finance team expands capability

by Marty Jaynes on 12 Mar 2019

BIE Executive are pleased to welcome Tom Johnstone to the finance team.

At BIE, we are known for our ability to support businesses going through change, especially when it comes to recruiting strategic hires at the senior end of the market.

The addition of Tom allows the finance team to extend BIE’s end-to-end recruitment capability by providing solutions to help organisations with their succession planning earlier in the cycle. This is through identifying future leaders in finance at a divisional FD level, as well as FP&A, reporting, and financial control.

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How to boost your visibility to executive search firms

by Marty Jaynes on 11 Mar 2019

Passive candidates represent valuable prospects for employers needing to fillsenior executive positions. But how do you ensure that you’ll be considered for these new opportunities?

I talked to BIE consultants Janet Musgrave, James Gherardi, and Eoin Canty, who gave their perspectives on how to boost your visibility to executive search firms, drawing on their own experience of recruiting in the HR, Supply Chain, and Finance functions.

As James says, “The key thing is this is a passive network that we’re dealing with, and most of the roles we are working on we don’t advertise, so you need to be proactive and on our radar in order to be considered for new opportunities."

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Why business transformation fails - and how to avoid it

by Marty Jaynes on 04 Mar 2019

Editor’s note: This blog post was originally published in June 2016 but has been updated with additional information.

Constant transformation is the norm for businesses today. 80% of organisations are going through a transformation of some sort, according to BIE’s Business Transformation Survey 2018.

But, not all transformations succeed in improving a company’s performance and sustaining those gains in the long-term. Research over a number of years seems to show that the success rate for these efforts is consistently low, with less than 30% succeeding.

So, if the cards are stacked against you, how do you ensure that your business transformation bears fruit?

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The foundation of every good search: Market mapping

by Marty Jaynes on 25 Feb 2019

Recently, we discussed how executive search is a research-led approach, with search firms mapping the market and benchmarking for particular skills, roles, and salaries.

In this post, we aim to help both organisations and candidates alike, understand the fundamental role market mapping plays in executive search. As well as covering the fundamentals of market mapping, I spoke to Sheira Schoeman, Research Manager at BIE Executive, for her insight into market mapping in practice.

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Can executive search tackle unconscious bias?

by Janet Musgrave on 18 Feb 2019

A highly engaged top team with a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives makes a company more dynamic, creative, and innovative. But if you only ever look for the same type of candidate, how are you ever going to get anyone different to what you have already got? It's not just about relevant industry experience either, it's about everything from gender and race to religion and even leadership style.

The trouble is, even if an organisation isn't intentionally looking for executive talent who fit the same profile as their predecessors, unconscious biases can have a critical - and sometimes problematic - effect on judgement.

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