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6 current themes in organisation design

by Steve Arrow on 17 Aug 2017

Over the past few months I have seen an influx of requirements from clients who are looking for individuals with strong organisation design skills. The ability to apply various organisation design approaches is an invaluable resource for businesses as they look to keep up with the accelerating pace of strategic change and align their structure appropriately.

So, as businesses look at bringing in external capability to adapt and transform their target operating models, these are the most common themes that I've found emerging. 

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Are all the top executive appointments only in London?

by John O'Connor on 09 Aug 2017

An age-old question in UK executive search and interim management circles is whether the best jobs, and therefore the best executive talent, exist solely in London. Most of us would find that statement questionable in 2017, but the perception remains.

So if you're a talented CFO do you have to remain in London to have a vibrant, challenging career? And, if you're a great company outside of London, how do you access and attract the best people to your leadership team?

In this blog I talk with Simon Reilly, the Commercial Director and Deputy CFO at Scotia Gas Networks (SGN), about his new role at their headquarters in Horley.

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Janet Musgrave joins BIE Executive's HR practice

by Marty Jaynes on 02 Aug 2017

BIE Executive, a leading consultancy working with businesses going through change, is delighted to welcome Janet Musgrave to their HR Practice.

Musgrave joins as a Director, after an extensive career as a senior HR leader, followed by 10 years’ experience in HR executive search. She will be focusing on delivering BIE’s executive search capability across the HR function.

Her appointment is fundamental to increasing BIE’s ability to use a mix of business consulting, interim management and executive search services, to provide expertise and talent to support organisations deliver their transformation programmes that leave a positive legacy in order to achieve continuous growth and success.

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7 things to consider when selecting a cloud-based HR system

by Steve Arrow on 02 Aug 2017

A new generation of cloud-based HR information systems (HRIS) are shaking up the way businesses manage their people and processes. Providers like Workday and SuccessFactors are becoming increasingly popular and taking market share from traditional on-premise solutions, particularly amongst small to midsize businesses. And there has been an explosion of smaller providers looking to innovate in this space.

Choosing a new HR system for your business is challenging, especially if seeking a cloud-based solution for the first time. You are likely to be overwhelmed by the multitude of options available. Gartner have created lots of content on this topic, and you’ll be sure to find some good pointers from them on the best solutions.

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Insights from an HR transformation journey

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 21 Jul 2017

BIE’s HR Team were privileged to recently be joined by a room full of senior HR leaders to listen to the HR Director and HR Transformation Programme Director of a large UK multimedia company as they delivered an insightful and enlightening presentation on the journey they had been on throughout their company's two year HR transformation.

Below is a top-line summary of what was presented.

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Organisational Change Starts with Self – Are You Up for That?

by Emma-Claire Kavanagh on 12 Jul 2017

We’ve all heard that change is the new norm, but are we now skilled at enabling it? Large-scale transformational change requires catalytic leadership skills and vision. This can be hard to do when juggling the day job with its typically short term, urgent timeframes.

Rose Padfield from The Padfield Partnership is an Organisational Design Consultant, Coach and Coach Supervisor with 20 years’ experience in organisation, team and individual development within a UK, European and global context.

Outlined below is a case study on how Rose helped a major UK organisation address a large transformation project. We hope it gives you some insights and food for thought. In subsequent articles, she will delve into some of the key principles involved in leading organisational change.

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A Pivotal Point for Shared-Services

by Tim J. Roberts on 19 Jun 2017

“A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision”. Are we now approaching a pivotal point for shared-services and offshoring?

We are seeing a growing increase in the use of robotic automation in the office workplace. 

For many countries the impact of globalisation has led to an increased focus on creating jobs at home rather than abroad. 

It would be prudent for us to “hit the pause button” and consider where we go from here.

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Cyber security essentials for boards and senior management

by Kersty Bletso on 09 Jun 2017

Cyber attacks are becoming more commonplace, and companies can no longer bury their heads in the sand, hoping no one breaches their internal IT security in today’s digital global workplace. Therefore, I’ve asked Simon Jobson, a technology leader with 25 years’ experience managing digital transformations in complex, international listed and private companies, to discuss cyber security essentials for boards and senior management.

I have had many conversations with board members and senior executives on the subject of information security (or cyber security). One of the more common sentiments I have come across is the view that “if someone wants to get in they will” or “they are probably already in anyway”. It’s understandable that high-profile attacks can make us feel helpless. However, the reality is that regulators, investors and customers will pass judgement, and if senior management and boards are lax then the company will suffer.

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Why your business needs to get personal data under control today

by Simon Cordrey on 30 May 2017

A topic that is popping up more and more in many of the meetings I am having these days have been around how companies are readying themselves for the impact of GDPR. What questions are they asking, what are their pain points, are they dealing with it internally or have they got someone external to come in to assess their level of compliance?

With this in mind, I thought it would be interesting to get an expert's opinion on the topic from one of our Associate Partners, James Stevens. James is a European Distribution Big Data and Analytics Leader and has a background in data, through working as a Partner for IBM. Below are his thoughts on why your business needs to get personal data under control today:

Businesses have been talking about data, big data, Hadoop, R and many different aspects of data for years. Big Data is big business but more importantly, Big Data is about to become “Big Risk” like never before.

We have all seen the news and media storms that occur when organisations publicly lose data, and the impact that has on the businesses involved. In the UK this has been covered by the Data Protection Act but there is a new kid in town, GDPR, and it has teeth!

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Why you shouldn’t change your job

by Kersty Bletso on 26 May 2017

This statement might seem a little counterintuitive considering the role I perform but do bear with me.

As a recruiter I want to know that by the time you reach out to me that the reason you want to leave is a) genuine, and b) not a knee jerk reaction to something that has upset you. Are you looking for career development? Progression? The opportunity to test yourself in a new environment or sector? Or have you finished a period of transformation?

What is important to consider is that when you are unhappy in your role it is a lot easier to start looking for another job than to try and resolve the issues you may have. It is human nature to avoid confrontation and avoid possible rejection. However, regardless of your level within your business, where possible you should try to resolve the issues you have first.

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